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D.B. Sweeney
Д.Б. Суини

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Daniel Bernard (D.B.) Sweeney was born November 14, 1961, in Shoreham, New York. He has two sisters and one brother. Before he thought about acting he wanted to be a professional baseball player, but a motorcycle accident ended that dream. He graduated from Tulane University. He has made four theater appearances on both Broadway and in L.A. productions. He used the name Danny Sweeney at the beginning of his acting career, but since there was another actor with that name on the SAG/AFTRA productions, he had to change his name, and chose D.B. Sweeney. He first started out with small roles, gradually increasing the size of his parts as he began appearing in mini-series and TV shows. He has been a voice for two Disney children movies. His love of baseball did land him two roles, playing Shoeless Joe Jackson in Eight Men Out (1988) and a baseball coach in Hard Ball (2001). He has appeared in science-fiction movies including Fire in the Sky (1993) and he appealed to female fans in the romantic The Cutting Edge (1992), in which he played an ex-hockey layer turned figure skater. That role led to his playing hockey in celebrity games. Recently he has moved from actor to writer/director with his film _Dirt Nap (2006/II)_ , which has been a big hit at film festivals. He is married and has one child.


Чудо святой Анны Miracle at St. Anna
Военный, США, Италия
Роль: полковник Дрисколл
Переходный возраст Life As We Know It
Сериал, США
Роль: Майкл Уитман
Говори Speak
Драма, США
Роль: Джек Сордино
Суперпожар Superfire
Катастрофа, США, Германия, Канада, Новая Зеландия
Хардбол Hardball
Трагикомедия, США, Германия
Динозавр Dinosaur
Мультфильм, США
Роль: Аладар
Познакомьтесь с Дороти Дендридж Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
Мелодрама, США
Роль: Джек Денисон
Спаун Spawn
Фантастический триллер, США
Роль: Терри Фицджеральд
Огонь в небе Fire in the Sky
Фантастический боевик, США