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драма, боевик, мелодрама, фантастический боевик

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One of the most prolific and gifted actresses of our time, Shu Qi rose to the top of the Asian movie scene garnering multiple awards and critical acclaim along the way. Born on April 16, 1976 in Taiwan, Shu Qi dreamed of being a star.In an effort to get noticed she began posing nude in various magazines and photo books in the mid nineties. Her gamble paid off when Hong Kong filmmaker Manfred Wong, who would later become her manager, discovered her by seeing one of her photo books. He soon cast her in her first movie, Sex and Zen 2, in 1996. This category III film featured multiple nude scenes and little in the way of story or success, but it did accomplish one thing... it launched the career of one of the brightest stars ever.
Shu Qi’s big break came later that year when she landed the part of Mango in the 1996 film Viva Erotica. Also category III, Viva Erotica surprised many people with its thoughtful story and brilliant acting. Everyone really started to take notice when the film swept through the 1997 Honk Kong Film Awards with eight nominations, two for Shu Qi. She won both, one for Best New Performer and the other for Best Supporting Actress, which she accepted with tears of joy in her eyes.
The years that follow would see her grow into an accomplished actress appearing in more than 40 films between 1996 and today, winning a Golden Horse Award and another Hong Kong Film Award in 1998 and 1999 respectively. She is the definition of the word superstar, appearing all over Asia in advertisements, music videos, magazines, etc. She has starred in films along side such big names as Jackie Chan and Ekin Cheng, and has even sung in concerts as a guest of Leslie Cheung and Leon Lai.
Shu Qi’s first guaranteed ticket to international stardom fell by the wayside when she couldn’t commit to starring in the worldwide smash hit Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The part would end up going to Zhang Ziyi. More chances will surely come as her star power can’t be denied. Being Shu Qi’s first English language film, 2002’s The Transporter exposed her to many more audiences than ever before. There’s no limit to the amount of fame she will gather as she becomes not only one of Asia’s hottest stars, but one of the hottest stars in the world.


Нью-Йорк, я люблю тебя New York, I Love You
Драма, США, Франция
Роль: китаянка
Кровные братья Tian tang kou
Боевик, Китай, Тайвань
Роль: Лулу
Глаз 2 Gin gwai 2
Боевик, Тайланд, Гонконг
Один лишь взгляд Yat luk che
Мелодрама, Гонконг
Боевые ангелы Chik Yeung Tin Sai
Боевик, Гонконг
Перевозчик Le Transporteur
Боевик, США, Франция
Роль: Ляй
Спецагент Wai See Lee ji lam huet yan
Боевик, Гонконг
Суперворы San Tau Chi Saidoi
Боевик, Китай