Лайонел Этуилл

Lionel Atwill
Лайонел Этуилл

Даты жизни

01.03.1885 - 22.04.1946

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ужасы, детектив, комедия, мелодрама, приключения, боевик, триллер

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Родился в Croyden, Англия, Великобритания.
Born Lionel Alfred William Atwill in Croydon, London March 1st 1885.
Educated at Mercer's School, London. Died April 22nd 1946 from bronchial cancer and pneumonia.
He first considered becoming an archietect, until he developed a strong interest in drama and literature, especially the works of Shakespeare. After college, he moved to London and made his stage debut in 1904 at the Garrick Theatre as a footman in 'The Walls of Jericho', and in 1917 landed a major role in 'Milestones' which received critical praise. Atwill emigrated to America in 1915 continuing his stage career and performing in radio plays. Soon he was appearing in film versions of plays he had scored successes with. During the early Thirties, Atwill became synonymous with horror films following his performance in Michael Curtiz's DR. X. In 1940, Atwill was charged with perjury after being accused of showing 16mm adult films in his home. In 1942, he was sentenced to five years probation. That same year, his son John Anthony, an RAF pilot was killed in action. During production of THE LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE, Atwill became very ill and was dropped from the film's cast, with stunt double George Soul hired to complete Atwill's scenes. His body was cremated at Pierce Bros. Mortuary in Santa Monica, California.


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Призрак Франкенштейна The Ghost of Frankenstein
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