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He was born Orson Whipple Hungerford II in New York City, of all places, but somewhere along the line he got a Texas accent and managed to appear in a few movies under the name Ty Hungerford. In 1958, using the name Ty Hardin, he replaced Clint Walker in the Cheyenne TV series after Walker quit in a dispute with Warner Brothers. When Walker returned in 1959, Hardin's character, Bronco Layne, was given his own series which lasted in one form or another until 1962.
These are our particular favorites, but we realize there must be somebody somewhere who actually wants to sit through 1962's Merrill's Marauders or 1963's PT 109. We've actually turned on the History Channel and seen a panel of scholars sitting around discussing Merrill's Marauders! Maybe if those people would show gems like Palm Springs Weekend more often, they'd have more viewers. But we digress.
Beyond the 1960s, Ty Hardin's work in films kind of tapers off but is probably worth investigating. Of much greater interest is the colorful information you can find on this guy in reference books and old newspaper clippings. Various sources mention a drug bust which led to his expulsion from Spain, a stint as a TV evangelist back in the USA, and even a period where he was supposedly living as a "survivalist" in the wilds of Arizona.


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